Gathering Business Statistics

If you are trying to make a big decision on which type of product you should come out with next year, or which change to your current product would be the most beneficial, it is best to find out by business statistics. Not only do you want to sample the current customer base, but you want to look at the local marketplace and see what statistics say about which is the more successful option. Surveys are the most common form of business statistics used today to gather information from customers.

When you are gathering business statistics from customers through a survey it is important to only ask relevant questions pertaining to the decision you are trying to make. Surveys can be sent through email which is a very convenient method that has no cost at all. The only problem with sending surveys through email is that you have to send them out to thousands of people just to get a few people to respond. This is because people are quick to delete junk mail.

Some people will actually take the time to fill out a survey if they receive it via the U.S. postal mail. Some companies think it is worth the cost to gather business statistics through the mail in this fashion. Another method of getting people to fill out surveys is by handing them to people in person. It is very common to ask a person if you can have five minutes of their time to fill out a survey to help the business. Many people are happy to do this.

Historical data is also used as business statistics and this doesn’t require information gathering in person or with a survey. Using historical data may be just the use of facts. You might want to review the history of the stock market and how a specific company or industry has done in the last 10 years. This is statistical data.

Business statistics can be gathered in many ways. Statistics are used through surveys when changes to be made by the company might directly impact the customer and the business wants to know what the customer thinks about it. They are used for forecasting and projecting the future also. Information gathering techniques can include in person, through email, researching, through snail mail and more.

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