Improve Your Customers Relationship with 1300 Number

Is your business not as thriving as you want? There are many things that can help you improve your sales. Aside from applying the right strategies, you must also have better relationship with your customers. One of the things that can get you closer to the customer is providing easy to access call center. If you have 1300 Number Australia, your customers will be able to contact you with more convenience. It is because this number usually consists of 10 digit number that is easy to remember. Therefore customers can remember your contact easily.

Another great thing about 1300 number is its phone rates. Your customers will not be burdened with the phone rates when they are making inquiries. It is because this number will charge the dialer with local rates. Therefore, it is perfect for nationwide business. No matter the location of your Head Quarter, customers from all over the country can dial your call center number at affordable cost.

This number will not only help you get closer with the customers. But, it will also make your business more convincing and trustworthy. Having this number is much better than using landline or mobile phone as your call center phone number. In addition, it allows you to have the same number even when you are relocating the office.

If you want to get the advantages of this particular number, you can log on to This website has choices of 1300 number plans that can suit your business needs. For small businesses, you can choose Prepaid 1300 or Light 1300 plans.  Those plans are very affordable and capable of handling low number of calls. For medium size business, this website has Cap39 1300, Fixed Cap39 1300, and Mobile Cap39 1300. If you receives a lot of calls every day, you can choose Cap79 1300 or High Volume 1300.

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